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Trucking accidents leave accident victims injured, and their lives changed forever. The attorneys at Cummings & Lewis, LLC, stand up for hurt drivers and passengers who had the misfortune of experiencing this type of devastating collision. We use our years of successful practice experience to represent our clients with dedication and compassion. If your case goes to trial, take confidence in knowing that our truck accident attorneys in Spartanburg, SC, have licensing to practice in all South Carolina State and Federal Courts, so you never have to worry about jurisdiction.

If you or a family member suffered injuries related to this type of collision, you should not delay obtaining legal counsel that will aggressively pursue your best interests.  We stop the manipulative negotiating tactics that the insurance corporations use to avoid compensating you for the full amount you are due. Let us take this often frustrating and complicated aspect of accident claims off of your shoulders so you can focus on healing. Our firm is here for you and fully understands what we are getting into when stepping in and representing your loss and damages resulting from another’s negligent operation of a truck.

Truck Accident Lawyer Spartanburg SC

Before you decide to file an injury claim with the trucking company’s insurance carrier, understand the risk you are taking by putting your faith in these big corporations. Insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart, but just their bottom line. Our truck accident attorneys in Spartanburg, SC, are here to ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of during this vulnerable time in your life. Put our years of experience and vast knowledge of personal injury law to work for your case and get the substantial settlement you deserve.

Your injuries from a negligent truck driver colliding with your vehicle are not your fault. South Carolina law makes it clear you are due compensation for damages and loss, including medical expense reimbursement, lost wages, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, lost wages, and other related factors the court deems appropriate. All of these pieces to your injury case also have their specific requirements and rules that may seem confusing without an experienced truck accident attorney in Spartanburg, SC, on hand to explain.

Trust the experienced attorneys of Cummings & Lewis, LLC, to develop a successful approach to your claim and maximize the compensation you justly deserve. We will make sure that any settlement offer you receive undergoes a careful review to make sure it meets your needs for current and future financial hardships due to this tragic accident.

Cummings & Lewis, LLC, provide trusted truck accident attorneys in Spartanburg, SC. We handle all of our personal injury cases that come to us on a contingent basis, which means there are no upfront costs. We get paid when you get paid and we only get paid if you win.

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Hi, I’m attorney Alex Lewis at Cummings & Lewis, LLC in Spartanburg, South Carolina. If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed as a result of that 18-wheel tractor-trailer, whatever the circumstance may be involving the accident, we hope that you’ll consider giving us a chance to assist you in that matter. Oftentimes, those companies are immediately on the scene and have folks working for their best interests, and it’s important that you have someone aggressive and quickly on your side, investigating the scene and preserving the evidence to seek justice for you.

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Here at Cummings & Lewis, LLC, we have over a decade of experience in tractor-trailer litigation, we have extensive resources available to us, and we know what it takes to win. We hope that you’ll consider giving us a chance to meet with you or discuss your case with you and hopefully serve you throughout this process. We’re a local business, we’ve been serving the upstate for a combined 50 years in fields of litigation. We welcome the chance to speak with you. Hopefully, you’ll give us a call, 864-573-9688. We are from here and for you. Thank you.


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