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Hit & Run accidents are where the at-fault motorist leaves the scene of the accident.

In South Carolina, there are clear laws governing the duties of drivers who are involved in automobile collision. They make it clear that drivers involved in an accident have a duty to remain at the scene. For drivers who fail to comply, there can be criminal charges. Failure to obey these rules can also put the occupants of the other vehicle at greater risk as access to necessary EMS services may be delayed until someone else notices the accident, investigates and notifies the proper authorities.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious personal injuries as a result of a hit-and-run driver, we can help.

Cummings and Lewis serves those who need help with personal injury lawsuits. They understand the core tenants that make a successful case and using their extensive experience, are able to aggressively pursue your case.

The legal team at Cummings and Lewis understand that while each case is unique, the need for stress-free representation is universal. They provide careful attention, and personalized care to help you get the restitution you need, without the unnecessary stress that often results when working with hostile parties.

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Steps To Take After You Have Been Involved In A Hit And Run Accident In Spartanburg, SC

  1. Get Medical Help: Whether you or a passenger in your car needs care, it is important to attend to get immediate attention. Get the emergency care you need on the scene, and carefully follow up with your personal physician.
  2. Call 9-1-1: You will need to file a police report about the accident. When the officer is dispatched to your location, you can fill them in on the details you recall regarding the accident. This information can help protect you as you seek reimbursement for your damages.
  3. Write Down Any Information: As time goes on, the details will likely become more confusing to you. Write down the things you remember about the scenario, the other driver, their vehicle, and the weather conditions of the day. You may remember a partial plate or some other detail that can help.
  4. Find Witnesses: People who stay to help can provide information. If you are near a business, there may be employees who saw the accident and the other vehicle. It is important to follow up with these businesses and people as soon as you can and to get their name and a phone number to follow up with later. These witnesses can prove very helpful.
  5. Document Damages: If you have a camera and can safely take photos, it is wise to do so. Recording the damage to your vehicle and images of the environment surrounding the scene can help record details that would otherwise be missed. Look for paint chips and damaged car parts left behind by the fleeing vehicle.
  6. Notify Your Insurance Company: South Carolina is an "at fault" state. You are able to seek reimbursement for damages against the responsible party. In the meantime, there may be coverage that your insurance can provide, even if you do not yet have the information on the fleeing driver.

If you or someone in your vehicle suffered personal injury as the result of a hit and run driver, Cummings and Lewis is able to help.

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